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16 Jan 2020

January Blues? This might be the answer…

Happy New Year to you!

I personally think January is a horrible month. It’s cold, dark, usually wet, and all you want to do is stay in, eat and hibernate (oh, sorry is that just me?!). Yet everyone is talking about #resolutions and #makingthisyearcount as though they all have tons of energy and motivation…ugh.

Why can’t we just ignore everything until Spring and THEN see how we feel about the year?

So, if setting goals, creating visions boards and making yearly plans are not your thing, I’m totally with you.

Unfortunately hibernation doesn’t seem to be an option – but I have a great alternative for you – one that means you can stay in the cosy warmth of your home whilst still enhancing your massage skills! Win-win 🙂

I’m talking about my new

Massage Mastery Programme – the complete guide to doing an exceptional massage

This is an online coaching programme for massage therapists that I will be running LIVE via webinar in February. There will be one live call a week, for 6 weeks. PLUS one free mentoring session. (This all counts for CPD by the way)

I designed this programme to help you:

  • Feel completely confident in your massage techniques,
  • Fine-tune your skills and your treatments so that you feel able to raise your prices.
  • And…to give you advice, support, motivation, guidance and inspiration to help you become the amazing massage therapist you know you can be.

This Programme is for you if:

You are level 3 trained and you are starting to realise there is so much about being a massage therapist that your massage qualification alone couldn’t teach you.

You feel confident in your basic skills, but:

You’re feeling ready to move on with your massage – You really don’t want to do the same run-of-the-mill treatments as everybody else, and you’re ready to start going off-piste and to find your own style.

You’d like to learn more about how to work both remedially AND holistically to ensure your clients gets the best of both worlds within their treatments.

You feel that adding extra techniques to your repertoire isn’t the answer. You would like to learn  how to create a beautiful and effective massage experience from beginning to end of the treatment.

You’d like to know what touch to use, when and why.

If you recognise yourself there, then I think you’ll like this very special version of the Massage Mastery programme I’m going to be running in February.

During the programme, we’ll take an in-depth look at EVERY aspect of a massage treatment, from the moment your client books, to the moment they leave. You will take a deep-dive into the art of massage and fine-tune your skills as a therapist in the process.

In this programme you will learn how to:

  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Do the most effective consultation
  • Give the perfect massage to your clients
  • All about massage myths – what’s REALLY going on in a massage
  • Get your clients to re-book

You will learn the EXACT consultation, aftercare and re-booking techniques that I use in my business, as well as how to tailor the perfect massage to your client group.

This is a step-by-step system for creating a massage experience that everyone (including you!) will love

Here’s what we are going to cover in the Programme:

WEEK ONE: CLIENTS – HEAVENLY OR HELLISH? How to attract clients that light you up.

WEEK TWO: THE CLIENT JOURNEY. How to approach each massage session as a carefully thought out choreography from beginning to end.

WEEK THREE: THE PERFECT CONSULTATION. Give the client the exact treatment they need, by asking these questions.

WEEK FOUR: THE ART OF MASSAGE. Touch and Technique – The 7 Secrets of doing an exceptional massage

WEEK FIVE: HOW TO STRUCTURE YOUR MASSAGE. To get the best possible results for your client.

WEEK SIX: RE-BOOKING CLIENTS EVERY TIME (without feeling pushy-salesy)

Each of you will also get a FREE, 60-minute, private mentoring session with me, (usually £75 per session), where we get to focus solely on you and your practice.
We start mid- February (date to be arranged)

There is only room for a handful of people. It’s going to be small and exclusive, so that it can be tailored to your needs.
I am taking bookings now and we only have 3 places left, so If you’re interested, let me know. Or you can book directly here.

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