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Are you ready to create a therapy business that fills you with delight?
Do you want to earn more money and have a greater impact doing work you love, without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted?

You thought it was going to be EASY…

You finished your first massage qualification all fired up about becoming a therapist. You were so excited about using your new skills to help the people who needed you – it never occurred to you that as well as being a massage therapist, you were about to become a business owner too

Then one day, You look around and it hits you

You realise that you have NO IDEA how to:

  •  Attract the right clients.
    ( How do you find clients who really value your work, who don’t drain and exhaust you).
  • Raise your prices without losing clients
    (Everyone goes on about “charging your worth” but what does that even mean? Surely you need to stick to what everyone else is charging?).
  • Stand out amongst all the competition?
    (There’s so many other massage therapists out there  – the only way is to keep your prices low, meaning you have to bust a gut to earn enough money – surely your expertise is worth more than that?)

 It’s disheartening to feel like “just another massage therapist” when you know you could be so much more. 

Where do you even start with it all? All the marketing “gurus” are telling you to do different things and you just feel completely overwhelmed.

You have;
  • Invested in learning tons of new modalities so you can offer different treatments.
  • Kept your prices low and offered discounts to get client to stick around.
  • Tried posting on facebook and instagram and everywhere else you can think of – but you have no idea what you’re doing and it’s not getting you any clients.
  • Said yes to every client who shows up – even if they’re not ideal, because anyone’s better than no one, right?
You’re starting to lose your massage mojo and you really, really don’t want to stay small and struggling one second longer.
  • Have a business that actually makes you (more than) enough money
  • Work with clients that you completely love and who value you.
  • Step up and be seen as the expert in your field, so you can charge more and have clients lining up to work with you.
  • Feel business savvy, feel empowered and feel confident that you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it.
  • Find ways to work that don’t require so much time and energy.
  • Feel confident to finally take charge of your business and make it work for you


You’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level.

You’re ready to stop being “ONE OF THE CROWD” and become

What would it mean to you to:
  • Know what to focus on and prioritise and what to let go of, so that your business starts to feel easy and simple and FUN!
  • Know how to attract your perfect clients – the ones who feel like a joy to work with and make the job seem effortless.
  • Have clients who really value your work  – even when you raise your prices, they are still clamouring to  work with you.
  • Know that you can take time off when you want, without feeling guilty and without working extra hours before and after. You’ve doubled, maybe even tripled your income and you’re not worried about money!
  • Feel crystal clear on the unique value you provide with your treatments and be able to communicate that easily.

You don’t need more training and courses where you struggle to piece things together on your own.

You need someone in your corner who’s already done the work, who can give you individualised support, encouragement and strategy

 – you need a mentor

And that’s where I come in!

Hi, I’m NikkI


I’m a business mentor for massage therapists and body workers.

I love seeing the therapists I work with finally able to earn decent money and create sustainable, fulfilling businesses.

I’ve helped them to become confident business owners who treat their massage practice as a business rather than a hobby.


And I can help you too!

No more feeling overwhelmed, lost and unsure. No more losing hours of your life to you-tube videos on how to get more clients. No more doubting if you’re doing the right things, in the right way, in the right order!

I’ll show you how to do this massage business thing!

Step by step, with a mix of gentle encouragement, insight and strategy, we will get you and your amazing gifts out there  – so you can earn a proper income, helping people and doing work you love.

Build Your Successful Therapy Business

Success means different things to different people, but at it’s most simple, a successful therapy business should be a joy. It should feel, easy, enjoyable, meaningful AND make you money.

Every therapist faces different challenges and each therapist’s business is unique. That’s why I offer personalised mentoring, coaching and online programmes which are aimed at helping you individually, wherever you’re at in your business.

Now’s your time!

Get clear, get confident, and create a successful and sustainable massage business that finally works for YOU!

Your therapies help soothe the world, and in return for your hard work, your business should make you feel inspired, nourished and energised.

I can help you build a therapy business that fills you with delight. One that makes you more money and gives you a greater impact doing work you love, without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.

I can help you build a therapy business that makes you AND your clients feel amazing.

You’re here to make a difference – I’m here to help you.

taster courses

Therapist Business Mentoring

If you’re just starting out – I can help you launch your new business with confidence.

certificates and diploma

Private Tuition

If you want more clients, I can help you  to tweak your marketing and fine-tune your treatments, so you have clients clamouring to work with you.

professional workshops

Online Training

Develop your skills and knowledge with the Mastery Programmes for existing therapists.

My professional online training and mentoring programmes have been developed for all qualified massage and holistic therapists who are ready to take their business to the next level.


Like to know more?

If you would like to find out more about courses and mentoring, just contact me via the enquiry form or you can call me on 07903 835898

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