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About Us

Our Story

Who we are

Orchid Massage Academy was established in 2003. Our mission is to support and guide massage and holistic therapists to build a successful business – so they can earn more while working less.

Through our mentoring and online training programmes we help you to up-level your skills and your marketing so you become the go-to therapist in your area, with your perfect clients begging to work with you.

Why we do what we do

Nikki Wolf has been in the massage industry for over 20 years; first as a massage therapist, then as a massage teacher and, for the last 7 years, as the owner of Orchid Massage Academy.

As a teacher, she taught the Level 3 Diploma in massage for 16 years, as well as more advanced CPD massage courses. 

While she was teaching, she found it so frustrating that she had to stick to the curriculum, She wanted to teach everything she knew about massage: how to excel as a therapist, the intricacies of giving an exceptional treatment, how to have a successful business – but there just wasn’t time.


She saw therapists struggling with their treatments or with attracting and retaining clients and although she would try to squeeze extra teaching into the class, she used to wish there was a better way she could help them.


She realised that there is so much that most massage qualifications don’t really touch on (or don’t go in enough depth into). Most courses teach new techniques – but, a host of new techniques alone don’t make an exceptional massage or enable a therapist to build a successful massage practice.


So, she turned her attention away from teaching massage training courses and now Orchid Massage Academy provides business, marketing and skills mentoring for qualified massage and holistic therapists. We help therapists to raise the quality of their treatments and attract their ideal clients as well as navigate the challenges that come with building a therapy business.

 We provide mentoring in therapy business and marketing as well as in soft skills and techniques.

Our mission is to provide solo practitioners with advice, support, motivation, guidance, and inspiration to help them become the exceptional massage therapist they know they can be.

we are devoted to creating successful therapists who make a difference to people’s lives.

                                    …and if that’s not enough – we also have a school dog 🙂



Our philosophy

Our aim is to create amazing therapists! We pride ourselves on our small, friendly yet professional and supportive approach to learning. We cap our classes at 6 people which ensure that our learners have individual attention from our tutors and our tutors are able to adapt teaching strategies to suit individual learning needs. As part of all our courses we provide comprehensive manuals on the therapies, relevant anatomy & physiology and health & safety and business for therapists.

Our tutors

Our dedicated team of tutors are here to guide and support you throughout the entirety of your course. All our tutors are hand-picked to ensure we’re able to offer the very best training to our students. All tutors are experts in their fields and have at least 10 years experience in the profession along with a teaching/assessing qualification.
Not only are they highly skilled and experienced in their subject matter, but they all share a special passion and love for holistic therapies.

Our training

Courses offered

Our therapy training and mentoring subjects include: Mentoring in massage, reflexology or aromatherapy techniques. Massage Mastery Programme. Take Your Expertise Online mentoring and training. Create an Online Package mentoring and training. Business Acceleration mentoring.

Our venues & facilities

We are 100% online, so you can work with us wherever you are in the world. Or, if you fancy a mentoring or training “retreat”, come and see us on the lovely island of Anglesey for some in-person support.

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