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About Me


Hi, I’m Nikki. My mission is to support and guide massage and holistic therapists to build a successful business – so they can have a greater income and impact, doing the work they love
Through my mentoring and online training programmes, I will help you to up-level your skills and your marketing so you become the go-to therapist in your area, with your perfect clients queuing up to work with you.

Why I do what I do

I’ve been in the massage industry since 1999; first as a massage therapist, then as a massage teacher and for the last 7 years, as the owner of Orchid Massage Academy.

As a teacher, I taught the Level 3 Diploma in massage for 16 years, as well as more advanced CPD massage courses. 

While I was teaching, I found it so frustrating that I had to stick to the curriculum, I wanted to teach everything I knew about massage: how to excel as a therapist, the intricacies of giving an exceptional treatment, how to have a successful business – but there just wasn’t time.

 I saw therapists struggling with their treatments or with attracting and retaining clients and although I would try to squeeze extra teaching into the class, I used to wish there was a better way to help them. 

So,I turned my attention away from teaching massage training courses and now I provide business, marketing mentoring for qualified massage and holistic therapists.

I help therapists to raise the quality of their treatments and attract their ideal clients as well as navigate the challenges that come with building a therapy business.

My mission is to provide solo practitioners with advice, support, motivation, guidance, and inspiration to help them become the exceptional massage therapist they know they can be – with the income to support the life they want to live.

I am devoted to creating successful therapists who make a difference to people’s lives.

Training & Mentoring

Where am I based?

I am 100% online, so you can work with me wherever you are in the world. Or, if you fancy a mentoring or training “retreat”, come and see me on the lovely island of Anglesey, Wales for some in-person support and beautiful beach walks.