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Rebooking Your Client Every Time

Rebooking Your Clients Every Time

InstructorNikki Wolf
TypeOnline Course
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Regular, returning clients is the No. 1 Secret to having a thriving massage practice.

It is much easier to keep your existing clients then it is to get new ones. If you can get your
clients to become regulars (and that might be weekly, monthly or longer timescales) then
having a full practice is easy. 

In this training we’ll cover:

  • The Therapeutic Relationship – why it’s your duty to encourage your clients to rebook
  • “The 3 Day Rule” and why it’s so important to explain this to your clients
  •  The aftercare advice I give my clients so they get the most out of the treatment.
  • How to educate your clients, so they understand WHY they need to come back.

And I’ll show you techniques to encourage them back if they leave without re-booking.

Along the way, you’ll learn:

  •  The 3 Essential Elements to Rebooking
  •  The Rebooking Mindset
  •   The Rebooking Process – Aftercare
  •  The Rebooking Process – Educate
  • The Rebooking Process – Ask
  • Encouraging the Rebook

This training will teach you the perfect after-massage conversation to get repeat business.

No more watching clients walk out, not knowing if you’ll ever see them again!

No more feeling pushy or salesy.

 With this step-by-step guide to encouraging your clients rebook with you, you’ll soon build a stable base of regular, returning clients.