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13 Feb 2020

Finally! You can learn the cool stuff!

So the very first round of my Massage Mastery Programme is starting next week…. I’m sitting at my computer now, putting the last touches to the training…and I’m so excited about it!

You’ll have noticed that at Orchid we’ve stopped offering the level 3 Diploma courses. There were many reasons for this, but one huge one was that I have things I want to teach that just can’t be covered on those courses. Things that aren’t in the syllabus (but SHOULD be!!)

I was getting bogged down in teaching all the “non-juicy stuff” with no time for the cool stuff…
Do you remember all this from your level 3??
“Suitable sanitised work area, atmosphere,
temperature, noise levels, ventilation,
lighting,Preparation of self: Personal hygiene,Workplace legislation: Applicable national/
local legislation relating to the workplace
(for example health and safety, equality
and diversity, data protection,”…

Makes you want to have a little lie down, doesn’t it?

I know it’s important stuff. Of course you can’t be a therapist without knowing and doing all this…but I decided I’d rather teach already qualified therapists, so that I could be teaching things that are so much more exciting.

So now I’m creating the Massage Mastery Programme and I can finally teach about:

⭐️Who are your Heavenly Clients?
How to Get More Of your Favourite Clients,
Discovering What Your Clients Really Want,
“WOW Factors” – Surprise and delight your clients,
Consultation – Asking the RIGHT Questions
The “Getting Better” Effect and How to Manage it,
The 2 Fundamental Aims of Massage
Zen and the Art of Massage Mastery
Making Mountains out of Molehills – Seeing the SMALLER picture
The Wanderer Speaks – Introducing the Vagus Nerve
Guide to Painful Places
The Best Bits – areas most therapists miss
Patterns of Tension – the Secret of the Spiral
Techniques to aid Relaxation
Rebooking Every Client – The 3 Day Rule
Why Massage is Like Exercise
The Keys to Trust⭐️

Now doesn’t THAT sound so much more interesting?!

I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!😄💕


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