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25 Nov 2019

Getting Client Testimonials and Reviews

Can we talk reviews?



Marketing… *sigh*…

…..Most therapists dislike marketing. After all we are in the business of helping other people, not shouting about ourselves and how wonderful we are!

But however you feel about it, marketing is just part of the job of being a small business owner. How can we help people if they don’t know we exist?! It’s one thing making people aware of you, but once they know you are there, why should they choose to come to you?

This is where your reviews and testimonials come in. Potential clients need to see that your work gets results. A great way to prove this is to make sure you have reviews on your website, social media pages and Google business page (if you have one- which you should!).

Reviews and testimonials are know as “social proof!. By using social proof, you are helping clients make a decision to buy from you and to feel confident about their choice. It needs to be an important part of your marketing. If there are three other therapists in your part of town, but you have the most (and best!) reviews, clients are more likely to come to you.

So do make sure that you give your clients an easy way to write you a review.

Here are some ideas for you:


You can send an email/text with the relevant links on, so they can click straight on to the review page from the email.


You could post a request for reviews on social media (I’ll be posting a request for an Orchid Massage Academy review, on our facebook page, right after this! Take a look if you’d like some help with wording) You can take a screen shot of any reviews that come directly in the comments and post that on your website.


You can leave some nice note cards and a pen in the treatment room, for the client to write something for you after their treatment. Pin these up on a board in the treatment room so will they are getting undressed/dressed, they can see what others have written already. This will encourage them to write something. You can place the cards/pen and board where they can clearly be seen and then you don’t even need to ask your client to write anything. Once they see other clients’ cards up on the board, they will take the hint and (if they have enjoyed your treatment), they will write something for you, without either of you having to even mention it!


If your client comes out of the treatment room, raving about how much better they are feeling, take that opportunity  and (f they don’t mind), ask if you can make a quick video of them. Just use your phone and ask them to just repeat what they said to you – ie talk about how much better they are feeling and how great the treatment was.


Make sure you have a testimonials page on your website so you can capture reviews that people have written, emailed or texted to you (You need to make sure you have their permission to publish the review)


You can also create incentives for people who leave a review. Discounts aren’t a good idea, but you can offer vouchers, or a special add-on to a treatment etc. Just make sure if you do this, that’s it for leaving any review, not just for *GOOD* reviews!


Offer a prize draw for everyone who writes a review. The prize could be a product that you normally sell, or a free 30 minute treatment, or maybe a free addition to their usual treatment (such as an additional 15 minute head and face massage).


Only ask for reviews from clients that you know are really happy with your treatments. Choose clients who come really regularly, or ones who have referred friends to you, or bought vouchers, or ones who you know have seen big improvements since having treatments with you. These clients will have a better personal relationship with you, are more likely to want to help you and write something nice!


People can get *review anxiety*…they don’t know what to write, don’t want to mess it up and end up putting it off until later (ie, never doing it!) So one way around this is ask a series of questions for them to answer, or even give them a template to fill in.


Hope that helps…

Let us know in the comments below, if you have any other ideas for getting reviews…

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