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12 Nov 2019

Working for Free

Very nutritious!

Posted by Frank Malaba on Monday, 4 November 2019



I saw this in a post about social media, but I thought it is actually also relevant for the Massage and holistic therapy industry.

We so often get asked to work for free at events/health days etc. As though, “oh you do massage, well then you’ll really want to massage for 6 hours straight at our event and get nothing for it. But you are welcome to hand out your business cards and flyers while you are there…” is a totally normal way of building a business.

And it’s always astonished me how many of the “jobs” on offer in the job section of the various massage magazines are for doing free work for charity.

I’m not knocking charity work and even doing free events can be useful. I just think we should be wary of people who expect us to be grateful and happy to work for free in exchange for “exposure”.

what do you think? Do you do lots of free work? Has it helped your business?

Let me know in the comments below.

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