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25 Mar 2021

Is it worth putting my therapies online?

Something that has come up recently with therapists I’ve been speaking to, is this question:

Is it worth bothering going online if we are going to open up again in just over 2 weeks?

So here’s the truth: No, it’s not worth bothering, if…
  • You’re were just thinking of doing it as a stop-gap for while you couldn’t do hands-on work.
  • You see your therapies as a JOB that ticks along, not as a BUSINESS that you want to grow.


  • You think the pandemic is pretty much over and life will be soon back to normal


  • You’re happy working in the time-for-money business model, knowing there will always be a limit to how many hours you can physically work and therefore how many people you can help and much money you can earn.


  • You only like hands-on work
However, the answer is YES, if :
  • You recognise that you need to build another income stream to earn more money and to make your business more resilient in the long-term.


  • You want to reach a larger audience and help more people


  • You don’t want to be doing only hands-on, in-person work for the rest of your career.


  • You don’t want to risk injury or burnout. You want a business that is set up to keep you physically and emotionally healthy.


  • You want to increase the value of what you offer.


  • Your income has hit a plateau and is limited by the number of hours you can physically work. You want to change your business model, so you can have unlimited earning potential.


  • You love the idea of packaging up ALL your skills, expertise, experience and knowledge and creating an offering that is unique to you and has more value that your usual 1 hour hands-on treatment.
What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re in the YES category and would like some help coming up with, creating or marketing your online offer – that’s what I do in my mentoring sessions! We can work through every step of creating your offer and getting it up and running online.

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