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8 Mar 2021


The Problem with Advertising…

I’ve talked to so many therapists who tell me that no matter how much they advertise, they can’t seem to get enough clients.

They’ve posted endlessly on their Facebook and Instagram, they’ve put it up on their website, They’ve created flyers/leaflets/posters…but no one seems interested.

What’s going on?

The problem with advertising is that most therapists do it FIRST.

In fact, advertising needs to come LAST.

First of all you need to build some business foundations. If you’ve not built these, you’ll have a hard time selling anything with any degree of consistency.

Without your business foundations you won’t have clear messaging, which sets you apart from all the other therapists out there.

If you’re not clear on who you serve, you’re wasting a lot of time talking to the wrong people. If you’re not clear on your message, you don’t make a connection with anyone.

Without your business foundations, you won’t deeply understand the client’s problem and that means you won’t be able to talk about your solution in a way that attracts the client.

Without these foundations you won’t be clear on who YOU are, what you stand for or how you differ from the competition. 

Without the foundations your wonderful treatments will be lost in the vast ocean of everyone else’s products and services.

So when we want to sell something, there’s a series of steps we need to take first; advertising comes far down the list!

Before we do anything else, we need to create the foundations


Get your foundations in place

So what are the foundations that you need to build first?

Here’s the outline of the foundations that I help my mentoring clients build BEFORE they start selling anything:
  1. Decide on your niche/specialism – so you can position yourself as THE expert, make your marketing MUCH easier, and work with only the people who truly light you up (and value you).

  2. Get to know your client’s problem/pain REALLY well – so that you can write to them and about them in your marketing. When your ideal client sees themselves reflected in what you write, they will know that you really “get” them. And more than that, they will

  3. Come up with your “Mini-introduction” so you can explain what you do and who you help very clearly

  4. Do your research so you can speak your client’s own, exact language in your marketing copy.

  5. Get clear on your own unique selling point – that captivates the hearts and minds of your ideal clients, and sets you apart from your competition instantly. When you’re clear on why you are different, you can understand the value of what you’re offering, and can communicate that clearly.

NOW you’ve got your foundations,  it becomes so much easier to advertise and market yourself because you will be confident in your message. You will stand out and you will be heard by the exact people who you want for your clients. And even better – you will know exactly WHAT to put in your marketing and WHERE to do that marketing to find your perfect clients.

The next piece of the “more clients” puzzle is a marketing strategy. More about that in another post 🙂



Now you can completely do this on your own – the information about how to do it is all over the internet.

BUT …If you’d like help to work through these steps and fast-track the process, that’s exactly what we’ll do in my “Build Your Dream Massage Business” 1:1 Mentoring programme.

If you’re feeling like you need some help – just click below and we can discuss whether mentoring is the right solution to getting you unstuck!




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