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2 Mar 2021

You or Me… Is your Homepage self-obsessed?



Here’s a little copywriting game for you:

Take a look at your homepage on your website. How often do the words, “I” and “me” appear?

Now count how many times the word “you” and “your” appear.

Which set of words crop up more?

Ideally you should have more “You” than “Me”

Your potential client comes to your website to read about THEMSELVES. They don’t care much about you. They only want to know if you can help them. They want to see themselves on your homepage.
They want to see that you understand their lives, their frustrations and their pain and they want to know that you have the solutions to their problems.

If you must write about yourself, put it on your About page (but there are copywriting rules about this too, so be careful!)

Leave your Homepage to be all about your potential client. They deserve it!

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