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30 Nov 2021

29 Ways to Find Massage Clients (without paying for ads)

There’s so many ways to market yourself, you’re not expected to do it all! Choose a few of these to concentrate on and be CONSISTANT. Choose a combination of things you can do offline AND online.


  1.  Email friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues
    to tell them about your business. When you describe what you do, talk about the results you get for people. Make sure your friends and family understand who you work with and how you can help them.

  2.  Mention what you do in your email signature and your social media profiles. Make sure you have your social media bios filled in, describing what you do and who you work with. Don’t leave people guessing. Make it super-clear for everyone to see.

  3. Send a valuable email to your list every week (If you don’t have a list – start making one!) send emails that are educating, engaging and valuable to your list. Don’t just send a “newsletter” talking about your services.

  4. Create a Freebie for your website (so that you can start getting email addressed and add new people to your email list)

  5.  Be helpful/reply to comments/post  in online groups, forums or social media platforms where your ideal clients hang out – don’t sell to them, instead start building relationships and showing your expertise. Start conversations to make connections. Good clients come from good conversations!

  6. Create amazing content online (blogs, videos, podcasts, etc). Then encourage people to reach-out. Start conversations, ask them what they are currently struggling with and (if it fits your niche/ideal client), offer a free consultation.

  7. Over-deliver with your current clients. Give them a fabulous experience so that they tell their network how amazing you are (and give you testimonials for your website). If you want help creating an exceptional treatment that offers a mind-blowing client experience, check this out

  8.  Keep a list of potential clients/people who have expressed interest and follow up consistently. Get back to clients you haven’t heard from in a while. Offer them an incentive to book in (and give a time limit!)

  9.  Be a guest – Guest post on others’ blogs, in their FB groups or be interviewed on podcasts. Become a known leader and expert on your niche and in your community.

  10. Create and host your own Facebook group. Decide a niche for your work and align your facebook group with solving a problem for your niche. Show up regularly in the group to add expert advice and create engagement and a feeling of community.

  11. Get your Google business page set up. Connect it to your website. Gather testimonials to put on there, and encourage your clients to leave google reviews. Write a post for it regularly. Put photos of you and your treatment space on there.

  12. Write a regular blog for your website based on what your clients need and want to read about.

  13. Post in your local community FB groups – don’t sell, instead offer advice and help. Comment on other’s posts and get known that way.

  14. Ask for the share – Ask colleagues, past and present clients, your existing audience to share information about your and your services. If you have a freebie, ask them to share that. Tell them what to say about you – make sharing as easy as possible for them...

19.  Hold an event or a workshop somewhere where you can find your perfect clients (eg. a gym, a yoga studio, a mum’s and baby group, the local library, local community centre etc) This is one of the best ways to find clients because you are perceived as an authority an expert. Invite the audience to a free consultation, taster session or to enter a prize drawer for a free treatment at the end.

20. Create a special offer, or a special giveaway to entice people to sign up (and you can collect their email addresses and follow up with them with more offers etc.)

21. Look for events in your local area – a local sports event, or community event, or a corporate wellness event. Reach out to the event organiser and ask if you could participate with a free talk, workshop or taster sessions.

22. Connect with and create relationships with local business owners to give special offers to their clients/members.

23. Set up referral schemes with other practitioners or therapists who work with similar clients to you, but offer different services (ie chiropractors, physios, yoga teachers etc.)


24. Networking – Don’t go to networking events looking for potential clients, go looking for potential partners and collaborators. See these events as an opportunity to make real, human connections with people who will spread the word FOR you about your work. You could look for people who might refer THEIR clients to you, or people who could give you opportunities to put on a talk or taster sessions.

25. Concentrate on getting your current clients to rebook. If you find rebooking your clients difficult, here’s something to help you


26. Reach out to a “connector.” We all know one of these people; Someone who has a great network and loves linking people together. Tell them about the specific type of client you work with and ask if they know anyone. You could offer them a free treatment so they can talk about your amazing massages from experience.

27. Set up a “recommend a friend” scheme – offer your client either money off or something added to their next treatment for every new client they send your way. And the new client gets the same for their first treatment.

28. PR Get featured in the press!. Instead of paying for an ad in a local newspaper, offer to write an article about massage instead.


29. Send a follow-up email to people you’ve talked to in the past. Say “Are you still wanting help with ____(insert the biggest result your treatment provides for people)  Remind them that you are there ready to help.


I know I said 29 ways…but here’s a bonus for you!

30. Make a spreadsheet of where your last 5 clients came from. Now focus on those activities. Try to find the 20% of things you do that yield 80% of your clients and only do those things.

There’s endless ways you could market yourself. The important thing is to find the things you enjoy doing, you are good at – and stick to just 2 or 3 of them.

Don’t run around trying to do everything, you’ll exhaust yourself! . Don’t do loads of things one week and then burn out and not do anything for another 6 months.

Take it steady and keep it consistent. GOOD LUCK!

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