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30 Nov 2021

27 Ways to Find Massage Clients

Struggling to get clients? Here’s some things you could do to get the word out about your work.

There’s so many things you can do, you’re not expected to do it all! Choose a few of these to concentrate on and be CONSISTANT. Choose a combination of things you can do offline AND online.




  1.  Email friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues to tell them about your business
  2.  Have a dedicated section in your regular newsletter/email where you mention your treatments/programmes
  3.  Mention what you do in your email signature (and your FB profile)
  4. Send a valuable email to your list every week (If you don’t have a list – start making one!)
  5. Create a Freebie for your website (so that you can start getting people on your email list)
  6.  Be helpful/reply to comments/post  in online groups or forums where your ideal clients hang out
  7.  Keep a list of potential clients/people who have expressed interest and follow up consistently
  8.  Guest post on others’ blogs or in their FB groups
  9.  Get interviewed for podcasts
  10.  Give away free 15 minute consultations
  11.  Set up and send regular automated emails which are educating, engaging and valuable to your list.
  12. Engage and comment in other social media platforms where your ideal client is hanging out.
  13. Create and host your own Facebook group
  14. Make sure you’ve got a Google business page set up. Gather testimonials to put on there, and encourage your clients to leave google reviews. Write a post for it regularly. Put photos of you and your treatment space on there.
  15. Write a regular blog for your website based on what your clients need to want to read about.
  16. Post in your local community FB groups – don’t sell, instead offer advice and help. Comment on other’s posts and get known that way.




  1. Hold an event or a workshop somewhere where you can find your perfect clients (eg. a gym, a yoga studio, a mum’s and baby group, the local library, local community centre etc)

  2.  Create a special offer, or a special giveaway to entice people to sign up (and you can collect their email addresses and follow up with them with more offers etc.)

  3. Look for events in your local area – a local sports event, or community event, or a corporate wellness event. Reach out to the event organiser and ask if you could participate.

  4. Network and create relationships with local business owners to give special offers to their clients/members.

  5. Set up referral schemes with other practitioners or therapists who work with similar clients to you, but offer different services (ie chiropractors, physios, yoga teachers etc)

  6. Do a referral scheme for your clients, where they get a discount if they refer a friend to you (and the friend gets the discount on their first session too.)

  7. Concentrate on getting your current clients to rebook.

  8. Give free talks to community groups in your local area.

  9. Set up a “recommend a friend” scheme

There’s endless ways you could market yourself. The important thing is to find the things you enjoy doing, you are good at – and stick to just 2 or 3 of them. Don’t run around trying to do everything, you’ll exhaust yourself! . Don’t do loads of things one week and then burn out and not do anything for another 6 months!

Take it steady and keep it consistent. GOOD LUCK!


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