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signature programme
6 Dec 2021

Your Signature Programme; What is it and how to design it.

What is a Programme?

First let’s start with what a programme
isn’t: It isn’t a package of treatments, a package is a certain number of treatments; but a programme is more of a structure of support for your massage clients.

 A programme is goal orientated, with an outcome that you and your client are aiming to achieve. This “container” includes the treatments, plus any homework and other helpful additional materials that you create for them – which you can offer as videos, audios, worksheets, hand-outs, products etc.

 All of this helps clients make the link that the homework is part of the process of moving towards their goals. It also helps them to understand that they are not just paying for the treatments but also for the resources and your ongoing support.

This helps the client because they are more invested and motivated in achieving their goals and it helps you as a massage therapist because generally you will get a better outcome from your treatments because the client is doing the work at home too.

 But also, more importantly you can charge more for a programme than a series of hands-on treatments. Even though they will be getting a certain number of hands-on treatments, the prices will be higher because the value of a programme is higher.

A programme involves not just your hands-on skills, but also ALL your knowledge, expertise, motivation, encouragement, support AND accountability to actually achieve the goal you and your client have set together.

 A Programme gets better results

Clients who sign up for a programme are usually much more focused to achieve results. You help hold them accountable but they are empowered to take care of themselves and it removes the pressure of you needing to fix them in one session!

Your clients who embark on this programme with you will have invested in their health and wellbeing, so they will be motivated and willing to attend the hands-on sessions and to do any homework you give them. They will recognise the value of the programme and  won’t take your work for granted .


Designing Your Programme

When you’re designing your programme, it helps to think of it as a CONTAINER which holds within it a JOURNEY. 

Where are your clients at the start of the journey? What is the first thing they need to do, know, be or feel before they can move on to the next step? What pain point is being addressed at each stage? What is the goal for each stage? What resources/homework will you give them at each stage? What extra support will there be for them at each stage?

Each piece of the programme will flow on to the next. You need to consider, where does your client need to be at the end of the journey?

You create the container to support the client on their journey towards the transformation. When the programme ends, the container is opened and life resumes – in a subtly altered state. Things are different now as a result of the journey the client has been on with you.


Ready to create your Signature Programme? Need help? I can take you through how to build your programme step by step. Book a free call here, or email me to find out more: [email protected]

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