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16 May 2023

Get Your Pricing Right!


“How much should I be charging for a treatment?”

I get asked this all the time.

Here’s the thing:

Getting your prices right can be really hard: Here’s all the reasons I’ve heard recently why therapists are struggling knowing what to charge:

  • They want to be “affordable”.
  • They don’t want to upset their current clients.
  • They don’t want to be judged that their getting “too big for their boots”.
  • They don’t think their work is worth charging more for.

Have you noticed yourself thinking these things too, *|FNAME|*?

So much of our problems with our pricing come from our own head.

So we need to get our heads straight about the prices we charge. We need to be clearer about what we SHOULD be charging and what’s stopping us from charging more..

I made this video about pricing last week for my FB group – I thought I’d share my answer with you, in the hope that it helps you too!

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