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12 Oct 2022

How to get more clients

The question I get asked over and over by therapists is, “How can I get more clients?”

Here’s how you do it:

Lower your prices and put an offer on Groupon.

Not what you want to hear? I’m not surprised!

But it is the truth. You’ll absolutely get more clients if you have offers, discounts and low prices.

If you’re recoiling from that idea (and you should be!), I’d like to suggest that actually you’re asking the wrong question.

Instead of asking, “How can I get more clients?” try asking, ” How can I make more money?”

You could even ask,” How can I make more money, seeing LESS clients?”

Now we’re getting somewhere!

A therapy business shouldn’t be about trying to book yourself solid. Selling a lot of something cheaply, is what supermarkets do, And they do it because they have other ways to claw back that money.

You don’t.

That business model doesn’t work for a single-person business selling one-to-one services. And it definitely doesn’t work for therapists where the services sold can be physically AND emotionally tiring.

If you try to sell your work cheaply and at high volume, you’ll burn out. (I know, because I’ve been there.)

If you lower your prices. you may be getting people through the door, but think it through – if you charged double, you’d only need HALF as many clients to make the same amount…

You don’t need to lower your prices to make more money. There’s a better way.

Change the question to “How can I see less clients and make more money?” and you’ll see that the answer lies in going after “engaged” clients.

Engaged clients are clients who understand that they have a problem, that your therapies can solve that problem and they’re willing to put in the time, effort and money to get your help.

To attract engaged clients to your business, you don’t need to lower your prices, you need to work on your MESSAGE.

You need to be able to find those clients and explain to them how you’re the right person to help them.

Your message needs to be compelling enough to stop these people in their tracks and make them think, “That’s ME! that therapist could help me!”

Your message should speak directly to their problem. 

Don’t talk about yourself, your modalities or your qualifications. Talk about how that person feels now and how they could feel after working with you.

Write your message from your heart to theirs.

THAT’s how you’ll get engaged clients and that’s how you make more money.

Getting your messaging right is not always easy – but it IS the key to a successful, sustainable therapy business.

When you get your message sussed, you know exactly what to say in your marketing to attract your perfect, “quality” clients.

If you are ready to get your messaging crystal clear so you can attract clients who will pay premium prices, just email me with the word ‘Messaging’ and I’ll get you the details of what it looks like to work with me in my Build Your Dream Massage Business mentoring programme.

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