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3 Apr 2023

Do you need a niche?

Should you have a niche? (Short answer – YES!!)

Having a niche can seem counter-intuitive. Most of the therapists I mentor have a lot of resistance to choosing a niche at the beginning.

But then, they finally do it and….Lo and Behold! IT WORKS!

They find themselves fully booked with clients, able to charge more. They’ve got more confidence in themselves AND they find marketing miles easier.


This is exactly what’s happened to my mentoring client, Sarah.

When Sarah and I started working together she was feeling fed-up and frustrated with her business.

Now, in her words, “It’s completely changed everything for me…it’s so much better.”

she’s earning the money she wants, working with the clients she wants, doing the treatments she wants, working the hours she wants.

And what’s the biggest reason for all this?

Choosing a niche.

I asked the lovely Sarah to talk to me about her journey in the Build Your Dream Business Mentoring – from her initial resistance around niching to where it’s taken her today.

As you’ll see, it wasn’t always easy.

Watch the video to learn how Sarah turned her business around just by taking some simple actions.

If you’ve never thought about having a niche, or thought about it, but are resisting it – here’s what can happen for you and your massage business when you do finally take the plunge.

Want help growing your massage business?

I’m working with a handful of 1:1 therapists this month to help them get a steady flow of their perfect, higher-paying clients.
If you’d like to be one of them and you’re ready to attract clients who will pay premium prices, just email me with the word ‘Niche’ and I’ll get you the details of what it looks like to work with me in my Build Your Dream Massage Business mentoring programme.

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