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23 Aug 2021

High tide, an uncross-able river…and your massage business

I thought of you as I was attempting to cross a river this morning.

I was out walking my dog near where I live. I tried to get over to the other side of the river, but it was too deep and I had to give up.

Why did that make me think of you? I’ll get to that in a minute. Let me give you some back story first…

I live by a the sea and I walk Storm (my dog) every day – either along the river that runs into the sea, or if the tide is out, we cross the river and walk among the sand dunes.

This morning I was determined to go into the dunes. Someone had spotted an otter and I really wanted to have a look. But the river had other ideas.

Today was quite a high tide and after a tentative attempt at crossing, I realised there was no chance of me being able to splash across. (Well, maybe I could – but Storm would have to swim and he hates it!)  So we walked along the river instead. No problem – our daily walk is always dictated by the tide, Storm and I just have to go with the flow. The otter will have to wait

So back to you. What does the high tide and an un-crossable river have to do with massage therapists?

Because as I was looking at the river and contemplating the rise and fall of the tide, it made me think of the ebbs and flows that naturally happen within our business.

The month of August is a great example of this.

How’s August been for you, business-wise? I’m willing to bet it’s not been a normal month for you. (If you even have a normal anymore!)

I know some therapists have had a really busy month. But I’ve talked to many who have been surprised at how quiet it’s been for them. And I’ve talked to more who have been slightly panicked at the sudden drop in number of clients.

And even those who know this happens EVERY August – still find it makes them uneasy.

So if you’re one of those who’s finding August a bit slack,  I made this quick video for you to help put it into perspective and put your mind at rest.

Check it out here:

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