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25 Apr 2021

To Niche? Or not to Niche? That is the question…




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When my massage career began in the 90’s, marketing for massage therapists was quite different and I was able to get my massage clients predominantly through word of mouth.

Around 10 years ago this changed and marketing for massage therapy businesses exploded and niching became very trendy. Around this time I noticed that I already naturally had clients who were starting to fit a pattern, but this isn’t always the case for other massage therapists! So, maybe you do need to pick a niche for yourself?

The important think to remember is that niching is just a marketing tool. If you have more than enough clients and are already filling up your clinic’s books through word of mouth, then you might not need to niche. However, if you are advertising your massage therapy business online then niching is crucial, as people’s attention spans online are short and it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Niching also gives you credibility as a massage therapist and although you might worry that it could end up being repetitive seeing the same types of clients or injuries, this really isn’t the case. It helps to think of niching as a shop window. Your niche grabs the attention of a client passing by and draws them into your “shop” to see what else you offer.

There are lots of different directions you can go in when selecting a niche for your massage therapy business. Whether you choose an interest, injury or modality or a combination it must be areas of your work as a massage therapist that you find the most interesting and you feel most passionately about.

I suggest getting started by reflecting on your favourite clients. Are there any common denominators between them that could serve as a niche for your massage therapy business? Alternatively, what experiences with massage therapy in your own life could you share with clients authentically? How has massage helped you recover, and would you be interested in bringing this healing to others?

Or look closer to home  – look at yourself and your own experiences. You can choose to have a niche based on what you’ve experienced in your own life, what you’ve overcome or what you have a deep knowledge on, or intense interest in – all these could be a niche for you.

Above all, choose something that you feel passionate about.

Remember this is not set in stone. You are not stuck with what you choose. You and your massage work will evolve and change over time and so will your niche.

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