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The perfect website checklist

You’ve built a website! (Or hired someone to build it for you). Well done! That’s a great first step.
Now you need to make sure that your website actually WORKS for you – ie that it gets you clients


Most therapists generally focus on one thing: how their site looks. And we want it to look good; of course we do.
But looks (as we know) aren’t everything. In fact, if you pay too much attention to how your site looks, you risk your website not working for you as well as it could do.
Your site may be gorgeous, but does it answer some really important questions that the reader will be asking? And does it answer those questions STRAIGHT AWAY?!
If the person landing on your site doesn’t get the answers they’re looking for in a just a few seconds, they will leave…no matter how beautiful your site is!
So how do you create the perfect website?






By using this checklist:

The Perfect Website Checklist

In this checklist, I’ll show you the key things you need to include on your website, and where you might be going wrong (ie what NOT to include.)
No website is ever done, finished and perfect. No one gets these things 100% right all the time. But having an awareness of these areas and improving them, you will see much better results from your website.
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