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24 Jun 2020

Take your Expertise Online – free 90 minute training

It’s a tricky time for massage therapists at the moment – so in this training I talk about ways we can take our expertise online. So we can still help people AND still make money.

In this training, I cover:
* Why we need to get into the right mindset before we get into a new way of working – and some tips to help us do that.* Why you are more than just your hands – and why touch is only part of the equation when it comes to wellness and healing* Which are the right clients to work online with and what research we need to do before working with them

* 5 steps to taking your expertise online – for both holistic therapists and sports therapists

* How to make the session more holistic (or clinical!)

* What should we be charging for online work

* Software, insurance and regulations around working online

Go to the Orchid Massage Academy facebook page to watch here.


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