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9 Oct 2021

Rebooking the client – how to have the confidence to rebook

I speak to so many massage therapists who tell me they don’t feel comfortable asking their client to rebook.

when I probe a bit deeper, turns out there’s a couple of reasons for this:

a) They don’t want to feel pushy

b) They don’t feel confident. What if they CAN’T help the client?

The questions seem to  be – “If we don’t know if we can help them, should we rebook them?”

and  – “How do I know I CAN help them?”

I have some answers to all of these questions and concerns.

In this training, you’ll find out:

  1. Can you 100% know you can help a client
  2. Why we should ignore the “professional hierarchy”
  3. Why it’s important to be the authority and professional by developing a treatment plan for the client.
  4. Why not asking them to rebook is actually short-changing the client and doing them a disservice
  5. Questions to ask yourself – when you’re not sure if massage help.
  6. If not, who can you refer to?
  7. What to do on the (rare) occasions that you think you can’t help.
  8. It’s ok to say you don’t know!
  9. Why 3 or 4 treatments is ALWAYS better than 1.
  10. How to use the Consultation to sow the seeds for rebooking.
  11. Why knowing your Ideal Client is sooo important to help your confidence in rebooking.
  12. How to know what further training to do to help your clients
  13. When it’s ok to refer on.
  14. How to beat imposter syndrome – tips for building your confidence.



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