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So are you ready to get your focus back on your massage business ?
Are you ready to dust it down and fire it back up again? 


Then you’re ready for a Massage Business Reboot!

If you’ve been feeling stuck and stagnant with your massage business and you’re ready to create a plan of action to get things moving again, I can help you.

A business Reboot is a chance to work with me 1:1 in a mini-programme with built in accountability.

Over 2 sessions, we’ll clarify what you want from your business and we’ll create a do-able plan to make that happen.

With a Business Reboot you will:

• Understand where your massage business is stuck and how you got there so we can immediately start to get unstuck and get things moving.

• Develop a clear, actionable, and simple plan to get back on track and focus on a few easy steps to take.

• Start to finally feel in control of your business and of your success

• Get rid of the stress, fear, and uncertainty so you can feel confident and buzzing about your massage business again.

Reboot Your Business will give you:

Clarity to take you from feeling uncertain to feeling confident
Structure to help you get focused and to stay on course
Accountability to help you feel motivated
A Personalised game plan for your next steps


Here’s what’s we’ll do:

STEP 1: The strategy session

We’ll spend 90 minutes together on a video call, diving in deep to look at all the possibilities for your massage business. Together, we’ll break down where you are now, what’s not working, and where you want to be, so you can rebuild a massage business aligned around YOU.
Instead of a paint-by-number plan, we’ll design your custom strategy. Together we’ll find up to 3 specific action steps for you to take over the next two weeks to immediately move you forwards.

STEP 2: Putting the plan in action
Over the next two weeks, you’ll work on your plan and on completing your action steps. You’ll make a note of any challenges you face, any areas where you get stuck or steps where you feel you need some extra help. You’ll stay focused and motivated by keeping to the plan – knowing you are going to be held accountable (in a loving way!) when we speak next.

STEP 3: Accountability
After two weeks, we’ll review your progress in a 30 minute call. We’ll discuss any challenges you had, take a look at any areas you got stuck and together we’ll create a new plan for your next steps for your business. You’ll leave the call feeling confident and motivated, with a clear strategy for building your dream massage business.

Want more clients?

Want to work with more of your perfect clients?

Want to choose a niche so you can specialise?

Want to raise your prices? 

Want to be seen as the expert?

Whatever you want, we can design your strategy and give you the steps to take to make it happen in the Massage Business Reboot.

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