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I offer two types of Refresher Session

We can do the day (or half day) from my home on Anglesey. (A very beautiful area, right on the beach – we can incorporate a beach walk in our lunch break 😊) You can bring a model, or I could try to provide one for you to work on.

If you’d rather not travel,  the refresher sessions can be split into 2 days with a 3 hour session each day, carried out online over Zoom. You’d need to provide a model for these sessions.

Whichever option you chose, the plan would be the same:

We have an in-depth :chat to discuss what you need from the session and agree on an agenda. This may include reviewing hands-on techniques, or looking more in-depth at how to carry out a consultation, what to do about contraindications or how to give the right aftercare advice. We can also discuss A&P, health & safety or anything else you learned on your original course that you might not be feeling totally confident about.

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  1. Hi Nikki I did the VCTC holistic therapy course just prior to lockdown so I did get the certificate but feel I’ve not had enough hands on experience so I feel I need a refresher course. I’d probably benefit from a full day course. I work for the NHS as a practice nurse. Look forward to hearing from you

    Amanda Clark

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