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21 Oct 2015

Traditional Indonesian Massage Courses


Introducing…Pijat Bali and Micet Madura…

Otherwise known as Balinese Massage and Maduranese Massage!




We’re very excited to be adding two new courses to our CPD menu for massage therapists:

From the beautiful islands of Indonesia, come these two very distinct yet equally lovely treatments. Our Principal, Nikki, has spent the summer in Indonesia perfecting these techniques to bring back to Orchid Massage Academy.

Pijat Bali (Balinese massage) is a beautiful, spa quality treatment which is more than just a massage – beginning with a delightful rose-water foot soak and ending with a special preparation of hot ginger tea to drink, this treatment brings a sense of well being, calm and deep relaxation. Your clients will love it!

Micet Madura, (or Maduranese massage) is a classic healing ritual from the tiny island of Madura. Performed on both a floor mattress and a massage couch, this unique treatment involves strong foot pressure on the legs and back with muscle stretching to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Something for those clients who prefer a more intense treatment.

These traditional massage treatments combine kneading, long strokes, stretching, acupressure and palm or thumb pressure to improve blood flow and enhance “Qi” or energy flow.

Get in touch to register your interest in this course and for more information…