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Take your Expertise Online

You’re ready to “future-proof” your therapy business. You know the time is right to take your expertise online – so that you can earn more money, while still doing work that you love

…but you just don’t know how to go about it…

Don’t worry! Through our mentoring and coaching programmes, we give you individualised help and support to create your online service, programme, membership or course.

When you started learning massage and holistic therapies, you were so pleased to be doing something that would always be useful – no matter what was going on in the world. You needed nothing more than a pair of hands and you could help people in profound ways.

We’ve recently learned that as hands-on therapists, having just one source of revenue makes us very vulnerable. During these Covid times, we are having to deal with lock-downs, quarantines, client cancellations, seeing less clients in a day – all of which are having a huge impact on our ability to earn a living.

We need to see this situation as a wake-up call for us all. Even before Covid, having only a hands-on practice was always a risky position to be in. What if you injure yourself or are ill? Right now our therapy business feels exposed and vulnerable. And really, it always has been – we just didn’t acknowledge it. 

We all need to find more effective ways of working; ways to diversify, build different income streams and future-proof and Covid-proof our business.

So the question is  – HOW do you do that?

How can you keep being a therapist; offering your expertise and caring heart to people who need your services more than ever?

…And also – let’s be real about this how can you keep making money?

The obvious answer is to start offering your services online -whether that’s through one to one sessions via Zoom/Skype – or by selling online courses, programmes, memberships or workshops to your clients.

In these new times, more people than ever are consuming online content. And many of these people need your help to stay healthy and well – emotionally as well as physically.

If you step up and take this opportunity,
you will prosper even when many other therapists will be struggling.

And something else you might not have considered before – working online means you free yourself up to work whenever and wherever you like!

“Which is all very well”, you say, “but WHAT action should I take? and HOW do I take it?” How do you go from being a seasoned hands-on therapist to a newbie online entrepreneur?

Don’t worry, this is where I can help you…

 Hi, I’m Nikki.

I’m a therapist just like you and I’ve spent the last three years building online training, workshops and coaching for my school, Orchid Massage Academy. I know exactly what it takes to move from a hands-on therapy practice to an online business.

And I understand where many of the problems and challenges lie because I have worked with scores of therapists to help them take their work online too.

You don’t need a ton of money to get started. You don’t even need a huge client base. And you certainly don’t need to be massively tech savvy. You just need some imagination, to be adaptable and willing to learn some new marketing techniques.

As for WHAT actions to take and HOW, WHEN and WHERE to take them. I’ve developed a range of resources to help you.


Personalised help in taking your current therapies and expertise online

If you’re got this far, it’s because you are ready for another way of working. One that can bring you immense freedom, whilst still earning you money and allowing you to helping people.

But you need help to do it. Whether you’d like suggestions around your strategy, or you need a step-by-step guide, I can help you gather the pieces together to get your expertise online, to help you have a further- reaching impact, make more money and have a business that you feel excited and passionate about again.

You don’t need more online training and courses – you need a mentor. 

You don’t need to be struggling to piece things together on your own – you need someone in your corner who’s already done the work, who can give you individualised support, encouragement and strategy.



Take Your Expertise Online” – 4 week Online Course

An online workshop series created BY a therapist, FOR therapists.

This 4 week online course will give you the understanding and information you need to start an online business that you feel passionate and excited about.

Through monthly live trainings and group coaching sessions, I’ll show you the steps you need to take to turn this crisis into an opportunity, enabling you to continue to help people and get paid for your skills.

If you’re looking for ways to change and grow your business – in ways you hadn’t even though possible – then working online with Nikki will create ideas and directions for you to move in that will be rewarding and – even more importantly – do-able and realistic. I’ve loved all the practical and brainstorming sessions, and Nikki’s review & feedback of my concept, website and content has been invaluable. Thank you Nikki! – Lana, Massage Therapist


“Create Your Offer” – 1:1 Mentoring 

A quick hit to get you going.

This 90-minute session will providing you with a clear, actionable and practical plan to define your new business model, outline an offering and start to bring in new clients. We’ll explore your most urgent questions, and clarify at least 3 actions steps you can take now to get started creating your offer and getting your work online.

We’ll follow up 2 weeks later to check in and see how you’re doing, any places you might have got stuck and look at the next steps to getting your offer out there.


 “Business Accelerator “ 1:1 Mentoring (3 months)

6 x 60 minute check-ins to help you get your online services up and running. Keep motivated and accountable with regular (virtual) meetings. We will spend 3 months together designing your offer, deciding on your business model and your vision. Each session will give you simple, actionable steps so there is no overwhelm or confusion.

These Individual strategy sessions will provide you with ideas, structure, strategy and a personalised game plan to get you and your new business up and running quickly and effortlessly.



“VIP” mentoring – 10 x Sessions

10 x 60 minute mentoring sessions, booked whenever you like (within 6 months).

Mentoring sessions for therapists who are ready to step up, to take themselves, and their new online business seriously. 

We aren’t supposed to go it alone in life, or in business, and with access to regular mentoring sessions, you don’t have to. These sessions will give you the expertise, knowledge, accountability and motivation to take your expertise online.

You can choose when to have your 10 sessions –  any time over 6 months. You can book your sessions in advance, so that you have your online business-building mapped out ahead of you. For example, you might choose to have monthly /bi monthly sessions where we work together on a particular topic. 

Or…if you like to be more flexible, you can book your session whenever you feel like you need some help –  when you get stuck, have a question or face a challenge, just book a session on my online calendar and you can pick my brains and get support, accountability and advice. 

Why is this called VIP? Because you get unlimited access to me via email between sessions. I’ll answer your question, check your copy, give my input on your ideas – whatever you’d like help with.


No more feeling overwhelmed, lost and unsure. No more losing hours of your life to you-tube videos on how to build an online business. No more doubting if you’re doing the right things, in the right way, in the right order! 

I’ll show you how to do this online business thing! Step by step, with a mix of gentle encouragement, insight and strategy, we will get you and your amazing gifts online; so you can continue earning money, helping people and doing work you love.


Not sure which package is right for you? Let’s chat! Just click on the link below to arrange a free 30 minute strategy call with Nikki.

“A massive thank you for the session today! It was great to hear your advice and suggestions. I’m going to be busy (and have a focus) thanks to your advice.” Lana
“That was amazing advice! Thank you so much. You have definitely given me a focus.” Sophie
” It was very helpful…has given me some really helpful ideas – I feel very motivated.” Anita
“Thank you so much for a fabulous session; I really have benefited from it.” Carolyn



What would your business (and life) be like after having taken steps to put your expertise online. How would it feel to know you had future-proofed your business? What would it be like to feel financially secure even in these uncertain times?