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5 Ways to take your massage expertise online

How can you use your skills as a massage therapist to work online, so you can still earn money and do work you love?

Here’s the answer:


5 Ways to Take Your Massage Expertise Online – a FREE 90 minute training

We’ve learned that as hands-on therapists, having just one source of revenue makes us very vulnerable. If the only way we make money is through hands-on work, we are in trouble right now.

During these Covid times, we are having to deal with lock-downs, quarantines, client cancellations, seeing less clients in a day – all of which are having a huge impact on our ability to earn a living. (And that’s not even taking into account the health risks to ourselves of close-contact work).

We need to see this situation as a wake-up call for us all. Even before Covid, having only a hands-on practice was always a risky position to be in. What if you injure yourself or are ill? Right now our therapy business feels exposed and vulnerable. And really, it always has been – we just didn’t acknowledge it.

We all need to find more effective ways of working; ways to diversify, build different income streams and future-proof and Covid-proof our business.


The question is – HOW do we do that?

 In this free training I teach you 5 ways we can take our expertise online.

 I cover:

* Why we need to get into the right mindset before we get into a new way of working – and some tips to help us do that.

* Why you are more than just your hands – and why touch is only part of the equation when it comes to wellness and healing.

* Which are the right clients to work with online and what research we need to do before working with them.

* 5 steps to taking your expertise online – for holistic therapists, massage therapists and sports therapists.




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