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The situation in the world right now is unprecedented. People are struggling emotionally, and physically. You know you can help them, and you want a way of doing that which you can offer online. Afterall;

You are a talented therapist and people still need your unique skills.


You’ve been thinking about putting your work online. But what does that mean exactly? How do you go from being a hands-on therapist to serving your clients online?

And more importantly WHAT action should you take to get online? HOW do you start going about it? What can you offer?


I’m very glad you asked, because, this is where I can help you.


I’m Nikki. I’m a therapist just like you and I’ve spent the last three years setting up online training, workshops and coaching for my school, Orchid Massage Academy. I know what it takes to go online.

I also understand where many of the problems and challenges lie because I have worked with scores of therapists to help them take their work online too.


Through the “Create your Offer”  strategy coaching, I will show you the steps you need to take to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

After our 90 minute session, you will come away with a clear, actionable and practical plan to define your new business model, outline an offering and start to create it. 

Two weeks later we’ll have a follow up session to help you put a strategy in place to build on your success and keep the momentum and motivation going.


Strategy coaching is built around you and where you are right now. You might come to me with no idea what to do with your new online business, or you might have an idea of what you want to offer, but you don’t know which steps to take, in which order, to make it happen. Whatever you are struggling with, after your strategy coaching, you will walk away with:


Clarity to take you from feeling uncertain to feeling confident

Structure to help you get focused and to stay on course

Accountability to help you feel motivated

A Personalised game plan for your next steps

Here’s what’s we’ll do:


pencil iconSTEP 1: Get it out of your head

Before our session, you’ll complete a one page questionnaire that will help me understand your skills, expertise and current therapy business. This will enable me to understand where you are so far and where you’d like to go. This is also a good chance for you to take a bird’s eye view of your current situation and really start to set an intention for your future business dreams.


               computer icon STEP 2: The deep dive strategy session

We’ll spend 90 minutes together on a video call, diving in deep to look at all the possibilities for you to gather your expertise and get yourself online. You’ll develop a vision for your online business. You’ll get clear on what you’d like to offer your clients and together we’ll find up to 3 specific action steps for you to take over the next two weeks to immediately move you towards your goals.


   taster courses  STEP 3: Putting the plan in action

Over the next two weeks, you’ll work on your plan and on completing your action steps. You’ll make a note of any challenges you face, any areas where you get stuck or steps where you feel you need an extra nudge. You’ll also track your progress and record your wins. You’ll stay focused and motivated by keeping to the plan – knowing you are going to be held accountable (in a loving way!) when we speak next.


                                                map pin icon  STEP 4: The final touches

After two weeks, we’ll review your progress in a 30 minute call. We’ll discuss any challenges you had, take a look at any areas you got stuck and together we’ll create a new plan for your next steps to taking your business online. You’ll leave the call feeling confident and motivated, with a clear strategy to get your offer out there.


If you’d like help with a structure, strategy and ideas to create an mouth-watering offer that people will love – strategy coaching will be perfect for you.


If you’re feeling stuck and ready to start a new focus for your business, if you want to know WHAT action to take to create an offer and HOW to take it, I can help you.


What would your business (and life) be like after having taken steps to put your expertise online. How would it feel to know you had future-proofed your business? What would it be like to feel financially secure even in these uncertain times?


You’ll come away from the strategy coaching with a clear vision of your online offer and a focused plan to start getting it out there.



My current clients have been finding their sessions so helpful:


“A massive thank you for the session today! It was great to hear your advice and suggestions. I’m going to be busy (and have a focus) thanks to your advice.” Lana
“That was amazing! Thank you so much. You have definitely given me a focus.” Sophie
“I would definitely recommend your mentoring service. You clearly have a huge amount of experience that you are willing to share.” Natalie.
” It was very helpful…has given me some really helpful ideas – I feel very motivated.” Anita
“Thank you so much for a fabulous session; I really have benefited from it.” Carolyn



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