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10 May 2021

Stuck what to post about on social media?

A couple of therapists I’m mentoring mentioned that they’re stuggling with what to post to Social Media for their business. So I gave them this advice – thought it might be helpful for you too…

Here’s some Social Media Content tips for you:

🌟First up have a think about the “Pillars of content” that you want to offer. This is usually 3-5 themes or topics that your ideal client will want to read about. (so for example, that could be something like mental health, self-care, physical health. Or you could chose topics that are even more specific to your client – and to your brand.)

If you’re not sure what your audience would like to read about – Ask them!
Just pop a question out there to your email list, or ask your clients when you see them,

“what’s your biggest challenge when it comes to…(what’s your specialism or area of expertise? insert that here)”.

See if you can make a list of 5-10 different things your audience (or clients) struggle with. Then choose 3-5 of the most common ones as your pillars.

When you’ve chosen your pillars. Put them in a document with separate sections for each pillar. Then every so often (monthly, weekly or -if you’re like me and hate routine – whenever you get some inspiration), sit down and pop any ideas that have come up around that topic into your document. That makes it easy to find something at a moment’s notice to write about. Or to batch create your content for the next month or so, all together in one sitting.

🌟 Now you’ve got your pillars, you can use those as the main focus of your posts, but you can come at each post from a different angle.

There’s loads of different angles you could choose to deliver posts around these topics, but here’s a few good ones for you :

1. )Be The Expert so you share your knowledge and expertise around a common problem your clients have. eg:

How-to video,
Tips and hacks

2) Time-based topics – so that could be:
Seasonal holidays
National day/week of…. (whatever)
News and events
Trending topics

3) Personal – Something personal about you that you don’t mind sharing. Could be:
a problem
a challenge
a win
a behind-the-scenes

4) Uplifting 
– post something:

5) Share something
News from the industry
Interview with a client
Client testimonial
Share a Quote
Articles/blog posts/images/videos from other people

6)Promote your work – yes you are allowed to sell your therapies too! Just make sure you stick to the 80/20 rule where 80% of your content is pure value for your audience and only 20% is selling or self-promotion.

🌟The final step, if you want to be totally organised and efficient (of course you do, don’t look at me like that!) is to create a Social Media Content Calendar.

There’s plenty you can download for free online, but it’s basically just a spreadsheet with a calendar on, where you add links, posts or ideas for each day of the week/month/year.

A TRELLO board is also really useful for this.

Hope that helps.

If you’ve got any tips for social media creation, or what’s been working for you, pop them below!

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